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A Cookie


You really ought to love what you do.  Plenty of people have hobbies that add meaning or value to their lives. Baking was once a hobby for Jonny before it became a profession. “I’ve always been drawn to the mad scientist element of it," Jonny explains. "Like, when I tell someone I have a Peach Cobbler Cookie, I’ve had them say, ‘a Peach Cobbler Cookie? You can’t do that!’” But Jonny does. He also makes a special Pistachio Cookie seasonally around St. Patrick’s Day. And to some, bacon in a cookie doesn’t make sense, though the only reasonable reaction to the concept of a Bacon Maple Bourbon Cookie is, “Yes, please.”

For Jonny, creating new cookie recipes is part science experiment and part social experiment. He spent more than a year perfecting his Caramel Apple Cookie. For his Caramel Brownie Cookie, he experimented with the science behind what makes a moist brownie, because no one loves a dry brownie. And let’s face it. The last brownie you ate was probably dry. So why does he do it? Because he loves doing it. He is a self professed flavor junkie, and he wants to let you in on his experiments.

So why are they called Big Boy Cookies? “Growing up," Jonny says, "I’ve always been big. And to my brother, I was always Big Boy. So that’s where the name comes from.” Sometimes people are confused: the cookies themselves aren’t particularly big. Given the name, they expect a big cookie. What they find instead is a big boy baking cookies with big flavors.


So where does Jonny’s flavor inspirations come from? Mostly, they come from everyday life. With the Maple Bacon Bourbon Cookie, Jonny researched it online and found several variations already existed on that theme. Still, as always, he put his own personal stamp on what became a Big Boy favorite—a cookie that is as all American as a cookie can get! As American as John Wayne and over-priced cell service.

“I’m not good with chemistry, but I understand butter, sugar, flour, eggs… all that good stuff." Jonny explains. It’s a balancing act, and that’s all part of the fun. Jonny crafts each cookie’s “flavor profile” for how it will ultimately play out on your tongue, but, it always begins with smell. A self-proclaimed flavor junkie, Jonny understands a successful cookie experience starts with smell, moves from there to the way it looks, and ends not just with flavor but also texture. To some, this level of attention to detail over baking cookies may seem extreme, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone providing goods or services offered the same level of attention?

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