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Under Construction

Getting Closer To Our Grand Opening

For Jonny, baking has been a passion for quite some time. But creating new and delicious cookie recipes for a living wasn't always a goal he had in mind. He used to be a pharmaceutical rep who believed in going the extra mile when visiting a doctor’s office. Rather than picking up a box of grocery store cookies to entice the office staff’s sweet tooth, Jonny preferred to whip something up himself. He had, after all, always enjoyed cooking with his mom and grandmother. 

“I don’t know what you’re selling, but this is what you need to be doing.” That was an off-hand comment made by a doctor on one of Jonny's sales call, a comment made after tasting a Big Boy Cookie for the first time. That was perhaps one of the moments that planted a seed of an idea in the mind of our favorite cookie innovator.

It isn’t everyday you meet a man who decides investing in a cookie truck and selling fresh baked cookies at festivals and weddings is a savvy business move. But then, Jonny doesn’t fit well into molds. When Jonny and Hannah decided it was time to invest in a cookie truck so Jonny could go full time as a ninja cookie master, it was because it seemed like the most natural thing to do. And now, not so far down the road, the most logical next step is to open up a home base from which our hero can operate full time. After all, Batman has his bat cave. Superman has his fortress of solitude. And Homer Simpson has Moe's Tavern. All the greats have a home base, right?

Now Big Boy Cookies will have a home of its own, as well. And you are invited into the secret world to witness the magic first hand... or at least to pick up fresh baked cookies, a coffee mug or two, and maybe even a tee shirt. Stay tuned to find out when our Grand Opening will be!

In the meantime, here are some images of our progress. A big THANK YOU to our friends from the Savannah Food Truck Association for giving us a hand.

Jonny Womack