Get creative. New flavor ideas needed.


Do you love Big Boy Cookies but wish they made a flavor not on their menu?

Beginning this month, tell us your new flavor ideas on Facebook. Between now and August 24th, we will collect all your ideas. The final week or so of August, we will have a Facebook poll where you can choose your favorite from the list. Sound fun? It gets better. We will select the top three flavors from the Facebook poll and we will have a taste test competition at our 1-year anniversary!

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention we will be celebrating our store's first anniversary next month in September? Yeah, we will. And you are invited. (More details to come.) At our big anniversary event, we will have samples of our three top polled new flavor ideas and you can taste and vote to help decide which flavor is added to the menu. What could be sweeter than that? But that means we need you to share your new flavor ideas with us! Watch out for Facebook posts coming soon and add yours in the comments. Or send us a message or an email. Already sent us your idea? Send it again. You know, just to be safe.

So get your funky noodles working and inspire the Mad Cookie Maestro with a new Big Boy Cookie idea. Let's make history.

Jonny Womack